Why choose an ASCO Transfer Switch?

By Kevin Sanders


We are often asked the question, Why Choose an ASCO transfer switch? Why not a Zenith, Cutler Hammer, Kohler, Onan, Thompson, or a Generac transfer switch?


The simple answer is that ASCO makes a better Automatic Transfer Switch, but there is much more to it than that. First a little background is in order.  I started working on Automatic Transfer Switches in the early 80's and have seen and worked on pretty much every brand on the market in the last almost four decades. Some Automatic Transfer Switches I liked more than others. ASCO consistently came out on the top of that list. The reasons I prefer  ASCO transfer Switches, and chose sell only ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches, revolves around reliability, ease to install and work on, and, useful features.


In terms of reliability I have seen quite a few ASCO transfer switches in service for decades. Sometimes several decades. What makes the ASCO Automatic Transfer Switch reliable is the robust simplicity of the operating mechanism, and the control system. The operating mechanism is a solenoid driven single operator. This is in stark difference to the operating mechanism on some brands that is two circuit breakers. The reason that I prefer the solenoid type operator in a transfer switch is that I have seen over time failures in the mechanical part of breaker based Automatic Transfer Switches that trips one breaker and closes the other. The single operator is just more reliable.


The control system on any modern Automatic Transfer Switch is a single board type. What I have found is that the ASCO control boards offer pretty good inherent surge damage resistance, and are at a minimum as or more reliable than the other brands I have seen.


One Area where the ASCO Transfer Switch shines is it's ease to install and in the rare event of an issue, its ease to work on. None of the ASCO controllers, on either current or retired models requires a computer to be connected to it for programming. Sadly the same cannot be said of the competition. All of the ASCO Transfer Switches are designed to be installed, programmed, and placed into service by a competent electrical professional. There are no special dealer codes, or authorization needed to install, or service any ASCO Transfer Switch.


Another great feature of every ASCO Transfer Switch is the support network. ASCO is the only company that I know of that has it's own Factory Technicians located within short driving distance to almost everywhere in the United States. Regardless of who installed the switch, or where it was purchased, ASCO technicians are ready 24X7X365 come out and help. For the contractor or self serviced installations,  ASCO supports their current and most legacy products with a easy to use parts supply chain. Most parts ship the same day, and overnight air service is available at a reasonable charge.


The useful features and wide availability of product offerings means that no matter what your application, there will be an ASCO Transfer Switch that will help provide reliable backup power to your facility. There are models that are designed with easy to use control panels for residential applications. Other applications require a NFPA 110 compliant Automatic Transfer Switch, and some local jurisdictions have specific local requirements. With the full line of ASCO Automatic Transfer Switches available, there will be a model that solves the application challenges at a reasonable price.


Big Lake Supply is a full service stocking ASCO dealer. If you have questions we have experts on staff that are ready to help troubleshoot existing installations, or help plan a new or replacement Automatic Transfer Switch project. We specialize in serving the electrical contractor community with quick, accurate response to questions, and our ability to ship the switch or parts you need on the same day you place your order.



ASCO Transfer Switch Series 300G 200 amp
ASCO Transfer Switch series 300g SE rated 800 amp
ASCO Transfer Switch Series 185 400 Amp